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You Must Write A Book

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Ray Brehm 

Grow Your Empire Utilizing Virtual Summits

What if you could create a rapid increase in the size of your email list (with warm leads)? What if you had something instantly of value to connect with influencers? What if you could crowdsource a product for your marketplace based on exactly what they are looking for? Those are all the things a virtual summit can do for you. Don't miss this session!

Rory Vaden

Find Your Uniqueness to Build Your Brand

Discovering your unique position in the marketplace starts with identifying the problem you solve. Rory Vaden helped Lewis Howes, and he can help you, too! 

Brandon Straza 

Masterminds, Mindset & Service 

Hosting a mastermind might become one of your favorite ways to help others (and build an income stream), and Brandon has a new platform that can help you! 

Dana Claudat 

Your Empire Needs Your Genius 

What does feng shui have to do with building an empire? More than you think! Listen in and find out what Feng Shui Master Teacher Dana Claudat says about following your bliss to build your empire. 

Nick Nanton 

Creative Collaborations 

Multiple-time Emmy winning documentary filmmaker Nick Nanton shares empire building secrets and strategies. 


Mark Leslie Lefebvre 

Long-Term Strategies for Publishing WIDE 

The "age-old" question is: KDP-Select or publishing wide? Mark Leslie LeFebvre shares why going wide is your golden ticket. 

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack 

Turn Your Hobby and Passion Into Mega-Profits 

There's a path from a hobby you can't quit thinking about to empire-building success. Lisa discovered it and shares her tips so you can, too!

Rachel Richards 

Get Your Financial Sh!t Together 

Learn how to build a solid financial future from Money Honey herself! 

Laura Di Franco  

Mindset for Empire Building Success 

How do you transform your mindset for empire business building success? Laura knows (and shares) the answers!  

Helen Bullen 

Small Businesses Build Big Empires 

Can less really be more when it comes to building your empire? The answer is a resounding yes! 


AJ Vaden 

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs and Executives 

Building your empire requires a solid brand reputation and intimate knowledge of your numbers. AJ Vaden shares the data of empire and brand building success! 

Ryan Snow 

Growing Your Empire Through Leverage 

Why build new income streams when you can buy them? Ryan Snow shares secrets to leveraging your way to a million dollar empire! 

Dani Whitestone 

The Only Business Shortcut You Need to Know 

According to Dani Whitestone, there's only one shortcut to business success (the rest are long cuts!). Tune in to hear what the Turbo Law co-founder has to say after her 7-figure exit! 

Lisa Kipps-Brown​ 

Strategic Thinking for Empire Builders 

Disrupt Your Now just isn't Lisa's most recent book--it's how she teaches others to think about their businesses so they can grow without grief. 


Chris Bystriansky 

Leave the Corporate World Behind & Build Your Empire! 

Chris left behind a sweet corporate gig (and the salary to match) to write his books and build his empire. His story and strategies will inspire you to go to the next level in your own life and business! 

Alice Sullivan 

Set Your Own Pace for Success 

Struggling with comparisonitis and wanting to go and grow as fast as everyone else? Maybe that's not the best way! Come hear how Alice got comfortable running her own race and growing her empire at the pace that is clearly working great for her! 

Allison Dillard​ 

All Things are Difficult Before They are Easy! 

Allison Dillard is a math professor, author, and podcaster...and she shares how she's built her empire by building her empire mindset. 

Rob Actis 

Taking Action--Decide, Plan, Act! 

Rob Actis is a man of action--and he believes the only way to build an empire is by deciding what you want, making a solid plan, and then taking massive action! You'll be on fire and ready to go after watching this one! 


Karen Hunsanger 

Your Empire Starts with a Book! 

Karen Hunsanger is the author of the brand new book, Surrounded by Champions. We talk about setting the stage for a successful empire with your book and other necessary fundamentals. Come ready to gather up the wisdom Karen has to share! 

Karen Anderson

Publishing Bestselling Books 

Fellow strategic book coach Karen Anderson (author of THE BEZOS LETTERS) and I talk all things books--how to strike the right balance in your nonfiction book, and why reading fiction can be the best way to get it done! 

Kris Kelso 

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 

Imposter syndrome is a big deal--and it holds many people back from building their empires, writing their books, and so much more. Kris shares what he's learned that can help you overcome your own imposter syndrome and get on the fast track to success! 

Karen Love 

Turning Dreams Into Reality 

Learn how to take the dreams you have in your heart and mind and turn them into your real life reality! Karen Love is an expert in dreams and she will teach you how to wake up and live your dreams! 

Honorée Corder 

Closing Session 

In the closing session, Honorée shares her biggest takeaways from the summit and gives you a recipe for what you should do next as you build your empire.

These sessions will show you valuable resources that will help you create and expand multiple streams of income from some of the top people in the industry. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.



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Honorée Corder

Hi, I’m Honorée Corder. 


I am an empire builder with more than a dozen six- and seven-figure income streams. I am an executive and strategic book coach, TEDx speaker, and author of more than 50 books (including You Must Write a Book) with over 4 million books sold worldwide.


I passionately mentor aspiring empire builders, coaching them to write, publish and monetize their books, create a platform, and develop multiple streams of income.

These sessions will show you valuable resources that will help you create and expand multiple streams of income from some of the top people in the industry. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.